Classroom English

Siéntate bien: Sit down properly
Abrid los libros: Open up your books (to page...)
Pasar lista: To take attendance
Sube la persiana: Raise the blinds/shades
Bajar la persiana:
¡Silencio!: Silence!
Prestad atención: Pay attention
¿Puedes repartir esto?: Can you pass/hand this out?
Repite: Repeat
¿Podemos corregir los ejercicios?: Can we correct the exercises?
Bolígrafo: Pen
Cuaderno: Notebook
Agenda: Organizer/ Datebook/ Agenda Book
Conserje: School (in this case) Caretaker
Deberes: Homework, Assignment
Corregir: To Correct
Darse la vuelta: ¿Turn on your chair?
No se come chicle:
Tira el chicle: ¿Throw you chewing gum away?
Faltar a clase:
Hacer pellas:

Very Poor
Very good

Errores Comunes y sus correcciones:

"To depend ON something," NOT "To depend of something"
"Explain TO me..." NOT "Explain me..."
"Very good, María" (muy bien) NOT "Very well, Maria"
"Ball point pen" NOT "Ball pen"
"ON page..." NOT "In page..."
"Open up TO page..." NOT "Open up on page..."
"Turn TO page..."
"To DO an activity/exercise" NOT "To make an activity/exercise"
"I can´t see anything," NOT "I don´t see nothing"/ "I don´t see anything"
"What does it look like?" NOT "How does it look like?"
"What is it called?" NOT "How is it called?"
"This will be on the exam" NOT "This will enter on the exam"
"What is happening in the back there?" NOT "What happens in the back there?"
"Sit down properly" NOT "Sit yourself well"
"Silence!" NOT "Be in silence!"
"Do you have trouble understanding it?" NOT "Do you have trouble to understand it?"


La diferencia entre "hear" and "listen"